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Obnovit India Private Limited

About US

At OBNOVIT INDIA, we vouch to hold the best quality and service for our customers. We are equipped with the latest technology water purification and bottling equipments to assure the premium quality and best taste of our drinking water. At Obnovit India, we understand that water is essential to a healthy living, the obnovit India provides is an Indian company has a best quality of drinking water.

Obnovit India is equipped with 7 stage Purification System which produces the best quality drinking water available. Our unique purify filtration system eliminates toxic elements that affect the taste and healthfulness of water. Our water surpasses all FDA water purification requirements, ensuring our customer with the purest and best-tasting water.

We are the industry heads and produce the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.


We must have world class quality, at the lowest production and distribution cost. This will make us an unbeatable Quality, and we will have satisfied loyal customers


Our vision to be a successful company in Indian market, we expend the business and provide best quality product to the customers.


Obnovit believes in Integrity, Teamwork, Cooperation, Quality, Passion, Openness and Transparency.

Our Mission Vision and Values


Obnovit India cares for the health of all people, at the same time, we also care for the health of our mother earth. Our company not only take the step to recycle. You may ask, how can you claim to be environmental friendly when you are deliveringi your water in plastic container? Well, at Obnovit India, we recycle and reuse our water bottle by sanitize and thoroughly clean the returning bottle inside out.


India receives ample monsoon rainfall, however, 95% of this rainwater is lost through run-off into the sea. With hardly 5% of the available rainwater being put to use, the huge wastage of this precious resource is alarming. Our negligence in making effective use of rainwater has led to the declining level of ground water. Moreover, with unpredictable monsoons, lot of villages face water scarcity through the year which makes it difficult to sustain even normal life.

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